What Your Virtual Assistant Can Achieve In As Little As 5 Hours A Week

Jul 19, 2021

How much of your workday is taken up by smaller jobs?

Those tasks that aren’t big money-makers but need to be done to keep things running smoothly. Chances are, if you added up all those tasks throughout the week, they’d end up taking up a significant chunk of your time.

Now, imagine if you could hand those tasks over to someone else! You’d have hours of extra time and mental energy to focus on the pivotal things to help grow your business.

That’s what a VA can do for you. In as little as 5 hours a week, your virtual assistant can expertly and efficiently manage a huge variety of jobs.

Not sure what to start delegating? Check out the examples below for motivation.


What Your Virtual Assistant Can Achieve In As Little As 5 Hours A Week


General Admin

You can delegate dozens of administrative tasks to your virtual assistant, such as transcribing, preparing online meeting minutes, creating document templates, streamlining and organising online file storage, data entry, converting file formats, taking notes from webinars…. you get the idea.

It is no secret that admin takes valuable time out of your day. And the tasks are notoriously mundane!

So, why not get support with your general office admin? Things like managing your calendar, scheduling appointments, or booking travel arrangements – all those small but time-consuming jobs that eat up your precious time.


Content Marketing And Management

Marketing is an essential ongoing task for your business, but it can soak up a lot of your focus and time.

You can still retain the job of writing the content if that’s why you’re passionate about. Then, your Virtual Assistant can take care of a wide range of the other marketing-related tasks. That includes formatting, uploading and scheduling blogs or social media posts, responding to comments and messages on your social media platforms, and tracking and reviewing your analytics.

Not only will this save your precious hours in your week, but knowing that your VA is waiting for you to send them the content to schedule keeps you on task and consistent!


Email Support

Did you know that every time you stop what you’re doing to look at an email, it takes you around 23 minutes to get back into the flow and focus? If you’re constantly getting interrupted by email notifications, that’s a massive drain on productivity.

Your VA can help you automate and filter your emails so you only see the most pressing ones. The others can be dealt with as a designated time in the day. They can also reply to general customer enquiries, organise your inbox, and even manage your email marketing campaigns.


Business Development

Want to know who your top competitors are in your industry? Perhaps you’d like a list of influencers in your niche that you could approach? Or the email addresses of some great connections you should network with.

Virtual assistants are great researchers. Give yours an hour, and they can come up with some valuable insights or leads to help grow your business.

Imagine what you could achieve with this valuable information! More sales, more business, the opportunity to refine your offers, or more visibility for your brand.


Bookkeeping And Financial Tasks

Keeping your finances in order is integral for a successful business. And, bookkeeping works best when it’s done regularly. If you don’t have time to keep on top of it or aren’t a fan of numbers, a virtual assistant is the answer.

They can spend ten minutes daily reconciling your Xero transactions to make sure everything is up to date (and coded correctly). They can also help with things like budget tracking, payroll, invoicing, automations, debtor management and keeping your cash flowing.

Having a bookkeeper is an excellent asset at tax time too. They can prepare your financials ahead of your accountant taking over. It will ensure everything is up to date and correct for your accountant and minimise the end of year accountant’s bill.


How Much Time Can Your Virtual Assistant Save You?

The answer is as much as you need them to! If you’re just dipping your toes in the water, five hours a week is a fantastic place to start. That’s plenty of time for your virtual assistant to handle a wide variety of tasks. And you’ll have five extra hours a week to devote to the real high-value activities.

If you’d like to know more about how Admin Army can support you with a Virtual Assistant, get in touch today.




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